Name Position Phone
Romans Djakons Professor, Academician,, President +371 67100515
Deniss Djakons Dr.oec, Assoc. professor, Rector +371 67100690
Marga Zivitere Academician, Professor, Dr.oec., Rector's Advisor, Head of the Department of Economics +371 67100582
Ivars Linde Assoc. professor, Rector's Advisor
Jurijs Sunins Academician, Professor, Dr.Sc.Habil., Vice Rector for Academic Affairs +371 67100593
Viktors Gopejenko Professor,, Vice Rector for Research +371 67100593
Natalja Vorobjova Dr.hist., Vice Rector for Public Relations +371 67100691
Olga Verdenhofa MBA, Vice Rector of Foreign Connections, Head of International Relations Department +371 67100537
Valentina Djakona MBA, Vice Rector for Studies
Vera Groma Head of Career Center, Head of Learning Centre +371 67100602
Sniedze Joma Head of Project Department, International Relations Coordinator +371 67100602
Anna Ungure Head of Study Department +371 67100549
Antonina Djakona Dr.oec., Head of Marketing Department +371 67100692
Aleksandrs Mrocko, Head of Department of Computer Technologies and Natural Sciences +371 67100593
Tatjana Lapaine Mg.paed., Head of the International Business, Communications Department +371 67100582
Jelena Lukjanova, Head of the Department of Law, Head of the Department of Management
Jelena Matjakubova Head of the Department of Culture and Art

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