Name Position Phone
Romans Djakons Professor, Academician,, President +371 67100515
Deniss Djakons Dr.oec, Assoc. professor, Rector +371 67100690
Marga Zivitere Academician, Professor, Dr.oec., Rector's Advisor, Head of the Department of Economics +371 67100582
Ivars Linde Assoc. professor, Rector's Advisor
Jurijs Sunins Academician, Professor, Dr.Sc.Habil., Vice Rector for Academic Affairs +371 67100593
Viktors Gopejenko Professor,, Vice Rector for Research +371 67100593
Natalja Vorobjova Dr.hist., Vice Rector for Public Relations +371 67100691
Olga Verdenhofa MBA, Vice Rector of Foreign Connections, Head of International Relations Department +371 67100537
Valentina Djakona MBA, Vice Rector for Studies
Vera Groma Head of Career Center, Head of Learning Centre +371 67100602
Sniedze Joma Head of Project Department, International Relations Coordinator +371 67100602
Anna Ungure Head of Study Department +371 67100549
Antonina Djakona Dr.oec., Head of Marketing Department +371 67100692
Aleksandrs Mrocko, Head of Department of Computer Technologies and Natural Sciences +371 67100593
Tatjana Lapaine Mg.paed., Head of the International Business, Communications Department +371 67100582
Jelena Lukjanova, Head of the Department of Law, Head of the Department of Management
Jelena Matjakubova Head of the Department of Culture and Art
Aivars Stankevics Asoc.professor, Dr.oec., Vice-rector for administrative work, MBA study programm director +371 67218502

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