• Name and surname: Prince Jose
  • Age: 28
  • Gender: Male
  • The sending university: ISMA University
  • Country of Mobility: Spain
  • Practice institution: Hotel Pocillos Playa, Calle Burgao, 4, 35510 Puerto Del Carmen, Las Palmas, Spain
  • Field of practice: Hotel Industry
  • Duration of the mobility period: 3 months

It is so privilege to talk about my Internship (Erasmus) Experience that I have done in my second Semester of MBA. Is Prince Jose, now 3rd Semester MBA Student in ISMA University, Riga, Latvia? In My Second semester I was having an Internship opportunity from University. I was so excited to know about Erasmus from our Internship Head Marina during my Classes. I have done my research on what is Erasmus and how it helps me to discover my study was the main points I was checking before I start about this. Here I would say my Sincere Thanks and Gratitude to our University Erasmus Co-ordinator Karina Lazareva. She was just outstanding and she guides me from beginning to till end of my Internship. May be this was give me so confidence that she was there to advice me for each steps to get wonderful experience of Erasmus Training opportunity. I was start my Process of Erasmus on 30 days before my Job Training, The process was so smooth and informative, first I need to finalise the area I need to get trained and I have Chosen Hotel Industry because it is one of the fast growing Industry of the current world. So I was not having any doubt that I should go Spain and I find this opportunity through my University.

The Place I did my Job Training was Hotel Pocillos Playa, Called Burgao, 4, 35510 Puerto del Carmen, Las Palmas, Spain. Am so glad about to share my experience during my job Training. I was starting my Training on 13-02-2020. I was so nervous when I reach my work place because that was my first experience in whole life. But fortunately the Director of the Hotel was so much wonderful person (Udo Schipper) he helps me a lot to get all my work done on time and in a wonderful way. He guide me for all pepper work in Spain, teach me the role I should do, guide me the techniques they use in the field more over he take me the best places of Spain. Spain was my one of the Dream country to visit and it was happen because of Erasmus Programme.

Erasmus help me a Lot in Professional life also to my Personal Life, Regarding my Professional Life this help me to improve my Knowledge and on ground experience during my study period only, this will help in future to get lot of opportunities and growth in my professional life, It also help me to develop my personal life because Spain give me a great values and culture change and moreover the way we treat customers and clients teach me. Also it helps me to develop my Knowledge in different Language and Learn new language, Adaptation of new culture and climate. One of my Biggest dream was to drive a Racing car and it was happen in Spain so I never forget my this experience, Thanks to Erasmus Programme, ISMA University and Hotel Pocillos Playa to give me this kind of wonderful experience.

I would suggest and recommend to all the students to go for your Internship and job training Through Erasmus Programme because it will change your life in both professional and personal Life. My Suggestion is ask your all questions to your Erasmus Co-ordinator before you start and understand the tasks and make it happen. Also Travel around the world with Erasmus and it helping us to get good and valuable experience.

Thank you!

Истории успеха

  • 2020. gada septembrī man tika dota iespēja piedalīties Erasmus+ programmā kā vieslektorei Informācijas sistēmu menedžmenta augstskolas partneraugstskolā Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences personāla docēšanas mobilitātes programmas ietvaros.

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  • It was my privilege to study at UAIC, Romania located in the city of Iasi. The city of Iasi, Romania is home to large number of historic churches and monasteries. I plan to study at university because of the courses taught by them in Business Administration faculty had wide scope, and I am pleased to have them learned successfully.

    Fulltime Master’s Student in BA