ISMA provides its students with comfortable renovated auditoriums, a library, modern study materials and technical support of the learning process, and parking place, as well as the opportunity to visit a cafe and relax in a park on the territory of the university.
After the successful completion of the first year of studies, ISMA students can participate in educational mobility programmes, which give an opportunity to expand their knowledge at one of the prestigious foreign universities.
During their summer traineeships students acquire the skills of working in international foreign companies.
This allows to put into practice the knowledge students gained during studies, see the world and, importantly, pay the tuition fees with the money earned in summer.

ISMA is proud of the quality of its work, the scientific and creative potential of the academic staff, and the professionalism and competence of our personnel.

ISMA has defined the core values which are the base of its activities:

EXCELLENCE reflects our commitment to ensure qualitative academic environment which promotes our students’ intelligence and development of modern, internationally recognised high quality study programmes being in demand. Excellence comprises the ISMA development, physical wellbeing and environment protection. Striving for excellence in learning and teaching, we create the environment our growth and entrepreneurial spirit development through the recognition and evaluation of our achievements.

DIVERSITY, reflects our commitment to create and sustain the inclusive environment which provides for our diverse needs through increasing everyone’s opportunities to participate in various processes, which are important for ISMA and its culture, thus reducing the options of exclusion. The awareness of our diversity creates the favourable and friendly environment, where cultural differences, perspective and beliefs enrich academic discussion and our social life.

INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM, reflects our intellectual freedom, freedom of thought and expression regardless of ideological beliefs. We are looking for various approaches to the acquisition of new knowledge, which broadens our horizons and improves understanding of the society and ourselves.

COOPERATION, reflects our interdisciplinary approach and is focused on internal and external partner relationships.

CREATIVITY, reflects our openness to new ideas and forms of expression, our readiness to take risks as well as our entrepreneurial spirit.

RESPECT (fellowship) reflects our mutual respect and our ability to recognise that each member of our community creates added value and deserves respect.

SUSTAINABILITY, reflects our commitment to preserve and protect the knowledge generated by our work, to create and protect our ecosystem, as well as to treat responsibly the resources, which are available to us.

ISMA is available to anyone, who wants to obtain a higher education that meets modern requirements, through mastering various courses and advanced training programmes. ISMA is also a reliable partner for those who want to build a professional career, gain new knowledge and improve their professional qualifications.

ISMA University of Applied Sciences in U-Multirank:

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