Since 2009 ISMA has been holding annual festival “ISMA Invites Talents” supported by the Riga Dome. 

This event consists of diverse activities. They include scientific conference “Information Technologies and Management”, school olympiad “ISMA Intellect”, international mathematics contest “Kangaroo” and performers’ contest. 

The aim of the festival is to reveal new names and support young people facilitating their cultural and intellectual development, giving creative people the possibility to meet each other, exchange experience, get acquainted with different cultures, study the best examples of modern, classical and folk art, as well as to raise interest in education and science.

Participation in the competition is a great opportunity to try your vocal skills on the real stage, make yourself known throughout Latvia and establish the necessary contacts in show business.

The participants of the contest are pupils and students from Latvian, as well as guests from foreign countries.

The performances are assessed by the competent jury, which consists of Latvian social actors, scientists, journalists, actors and musicians.

The winners receive scholarships at ISMA and prizes from friends of the festival.

Our festival has given a good start to such performers as:

  • Stas Shurins – the winner of 2009 festival. Afterwards he became the winner of “Фабрика звёзд 2010” (Star Factory 2010), Ukraine, “Танцы со звёздами 2011” (Dancing with the Stars 2011), Ukraine, and participated in contest “Новая волна 2014” (New Wave 2014), where he obtained a special Alla Pugacheva Prize.
  • Aminata won the contest in 2010. In 2015 she participated in Eurovision finals and took the 6th place.
  • Diana Pirags - the participant of the 2010 festival, reached the finals of Eurovision 2012 selection in Italy.
  • David Kalandia - the participant of 2010 festival - the finalist of the TV contest “Минута славы 2011” (A Minute of Glory 2011), Moscow.
  • Vladimir Kozhevnikov - the nominee of 2011 festival – the winner of “Украина слезам не верит 2011” (Ukraine Does Not Believe in Tears 2011) vocal contest.
  • Stacey - the nominee of 2010 festival – the finalist of “Новая Волна - 2011” (New Wave 2011) contest.
  • Dana Sokolova - the winner of 2011 festival – the winner of “Шанс молодым 2011” (Chance to the Young 2011) contest, the winner of reality show “Молодая кровь” (Young Blood), 2015, Moscow, where she received the main prize – the contract with Black Star Inc. label.

Currently this is a one-of-a-kind project in Latvia.

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