Dear graduates!

ISMA congratulates you on successful defense and according finish of your studies. You are invited to get your diplomas signed by ISMA rector: at ISMA rectorate starting from February 1st, 2021.

Please note it is necessary first to apply for the appointment with a secretary in advance, by emailing her: Ludmila Lastovska-Zvirbule Once you`ve get appointment time, you can visit ISMA rectorate, 1/6 Lomonosova street (small building), 2nd floor, room 208 and pick up the diploma.

If you are unable to pick up diploma by yourself, you can ask your relative/friend, but a person who will come should have a full power from you (a letter with your hand signature with your personal data and the person`s personal data where you authorize him/her to pick up the diploma instead of you).

You can also ask for diploma delivery by TNT if you are currently abroad, for this reason also contact the secretary, to get estimation of delivery price. Then invoice will be issued and after the payment the diploma will be sent to you. Regards and congratulations one more time.

p.s. we remind you about the opportunity to continue studies at ISMA on the next study levels, such as Master and Doctoral. Should you be interested, please contact Admission board. ISMA administration


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