Director of the study programme:
Mg.soc. Jūlija Mironova
Duration of studies:
Full-time intramural - 2 years; Part-time extramural – 2,5 years
Organisation of Catering Services
Latvian | English

Unique opportunities:

  1. To combine work with studies from anywhere in the world. Video training allows to master both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, as well as to pass examinations and tests;

  2. To receive internationally recognized certificates of professional development on the field of restaurant business;

  3. Career Centre will help you with employment;

  4. Your professional experience can be recognized as the part of professional study practice;

  5. Everyone interested can gain international experience and knowledge in catering industry through internship and student mobility programmes;

  6. With the assistance of Business Incubator you can develop a business plan to improve operations of the existing enterprise or to set up a new business;

  7. You can continue studies at the programme Restaurant and Club Business Management, starting with the 3rd year of studies.

Gastro studija ISMA

The study programme graduates:

  • are able to manage a catering enterprise, to plan, organise and control manufacturing and service processes;
  • know how to develop and implement customer oriented service culture standards, as well as to motivate the involved personnel to apply sales promotion techniques;
  • are able to perform accounting, control, and to prepare reports on the operations of a catering enterprise using advanced information technology, as well as to assess the obtained indicators and to perform necessary changes to business processes;
  • know how to develop and use cooking technological maps and to develop a self-control system of a catering enterprise (HACCP);
  • know how to describe the aims and operational plans of a catering enterprise and to implement them in compliance with the regulatory requirements establishing an enterprise in the field of restaurant business.

Main study courses:

  • Catering Business Organisation
  • Service Standards and Regulations
  • Cooking Technology
  • Accounting and Control at Catering Enterprises
  • Catering Business Planning
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