Main Topics of the Conference

Open Learning

  • e-Learning Quality and Certification
  • Correspondence e-Learning

Distance Education

  • Distance Learning and Teaching
  • Trends in Wireless technologies e-Learning
  • Virtual e-Laboratories
  • e-Tests and e-Control
  • e-Study Portals

Lifelong Learning

  • Module Professional Education

Creative Thinking in e-Education

  • Effective and Efficient Learning and Teaching
  • Effective e-learning Pedagogy
  • Creating Interactive and Collaborative E-Learning Environments

Intelligent Tutoring Systems

  • Tutoring softwares
  • Interactive tutoring systems
  • Interactive testing systems
  • Multi-media Systems in e-Education

Subject problems in e-Learning and e-Teaching

  • Languages Learning and Teaching
  • Information and Computer Technologies Education
  • Problem-oriented Computer Modelling
  • Mathematical e-Education
  • Natural Sciences: e-Labs, e-Tests, e-Guidance
  • Professionally-oriented e-Education
  • Economics, Management and Marketing in e-Education

Human, law and cultural aspects of e-Education

  • Author law in e-Education Technologies
  • EU Enlargement Process and e-Learning Role
  • E-Learning as a Tool for Social Change
  • Outsourcing of e-learning, Training Analytics and Measuring Return on Investment
  • Interoperability, Standardisation, Learning Objects and Metadata as well as e-Portfolios and Content Portals
  • e-Education Management

Scientific Organizing and Programme Committees


Prof. Dr. Sc. Roman Dyackon (Latvia) - The Head of Organizing Committee
Prof. Dr.Sc. Victor Gopeyenko (Latvia)
Prof. Dr. Sc. Marga Zhivitere (Latvia)
Prof. Dr.Sc. Alexander Mrochko (Latvia)
Prof. Dr.Sc. Rostislav Kopitov (Latvia)
Asoc. Prof. Dr.Sc. Denis Dyackon (Latvia)
Assoc. Prof. Valentina Dyackona (Latvia)
Assoc. Prof. Dr.oec. Aivars Stankevics (Latvia)
Assist. Prof. Olga Verdenhofa (Latvia)
Assist. Prof. Tatjana Lapaine (Latvia)
Dr.hist. Nataly Vorobyeva (Latvia) - The Head of Registration Section


Prof. Dr.Sc. Victor Gopeyenko (Latvia) - The Head of Programme Committee
Prof. Dr.Sc. Habil Arnold Kiv (Israel)
Prof. Dr.Sc. Habil Iryna Kalenyuk (Ukraine)
Prof. Dr.Sc. Rostislav Kopitov (Latvia)
Prof. Dr.oec. Viktoriia Riashchenko (Latvia)
Prof. Dr. Sc. Inese Spicha (Latvia)
Prof. PhD Mariana Petrova (Bulgaria)
As. Prof. Dr.Sc. Alytis Gruodis (Lithuania)


Victor Gopeyenko, Programme’s Commitee Chair

ISMA University of Applied Sciences
1 Lomonosova Str., Bld. 6, Riga, LV-1019, Latvia
+371 67114520, +371 67100593