International Scientific Conference
Influence of Europeanization on Public
Management and Administration
in Ukraine

October 5–6, 2022
Riga, the Republic of Latvia

Scientists, postgraduate students, students of higher education and research institutions, as well as practitioners who are actively engaged in culture and art research are invited to participate in the international conference.


ISMA University of Applied Sciences
with support of the
Center for Ukrainian and
European Scientific Cooperation.


Romans Djakons,, Professor, Academician,
President of ISMA University of Applied Sciences.


Form of participation: distant. Persons who are interested in participation in the international conference should send the following documents to Organising Committee before September 30, 2022 (inclusively):

  1. fill an application form;
  2. send the abstracts to Organising Committee: The title of a file should meet surname of a speaker indicating Abstracts – for abstracts.

The title of a file should meet surname of a speaker indicating Application – for application form, Abstracts – for abstracts. For example: Shevchenko_Abstracts.


  1. Theory and history of law and state.
  2. Mechanisms of public administration.
  3. Civil service.
  4. Local self-government.
  5. Public administration in national security and protection of public order.


All conference participants will be provided with an electronic collection of abstracts and a certificate of participation authenticated by a seal. Participants of the conference will have an opportunity to present the collection of abstracts and certificate as evidence of participation in the international conference that took place in the EU country.

Each conference participant receives an electronic certificate with the volume of skill enhancement (15 hours – 0.5 ECTS credit).

DOI will be assigned for each abstract from the conference’s collection of abstracts, enabling authors to find their scientific work at the website of Open Ukrainian Citation Index (OUCI), which was developed by the specialists of the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine by order of the Collegium of the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine. The collection will be awarded with ISBN (International Standard Book Number) by European publishing house “Izdevnieciba “Baltija Publishing”.

Certificate is a document confirming participation in the activities of a scientific conference (congress, symposium, and workshop) that took place in the EU country according to paras. 7.4 Section 2 of the Procedure for awarding degrees to academic staff approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated January 14, 2016, № 13.

A collection of conference abstracts will be available on an open platform of the European publisher “Izdevnieciba “Baltija Publishing”.

A sample of the collection's publication is available at the link.


Title is in the middle (in capitals, Times New Roman № 16, bold type).
After one spacing, in the center there is full name, academic degree, rank (if any), post, department, full name of the institution where an author studies or works, city, country; Times New Roman № 14.
After one spacing there is a text which should meet the following requirements: А-4, all fields – 2 cm, Times New Roman № 14, line spacing – 1,5.
References (without repetitions) are at the bottom of the text taking into account the National Standard of Ukraine DSTU 8302: 2015 “Information and documentation. Bibliographic reference. General principles and rules of composition”. Citations in the text should be marked with numerical order of a source according to the list and page (pages) number, for example [7, p. 16].
Text volume is up to 5 pages including References.
Languages: Latvian, English, Ukrainian.
Please note that the maximum number of co-authors is 3.


Center for Ukrainian and European Scientific Cooperation (according to signed international cooperation agreement with ISMA University of Applied Sciences)

Contact person – Tiutiunnyk Tetiana Mykolaivna – Coordinator of scientific events and projects on public administration.
Telephone: +38 (068) 473 02 28


3. Civil service

Formation of a civil servant's modern worldview

Kovtun V. O.
Doctor of Public Administration, Professor,
Professor at the Department of Economics and Regional Economic Policy
Dnipropetrovsk Regional Institute for Public Administration
of the National Academy for Public Administration
under the President of Ukraine
Dnipro, Ukraine

Text… [1].


1. Про освіту: Закон України від 5 вересня 2017 р. № 2145-19 / Верховна Рада України. URL: (дата звернення: 05.09.2022).